Mock Job Interview Refkection

  1. I felt good interviewing my classmate. I believe that this interview has me more prepared for a real interview. Because I get to see other people reflections and how they think I did.
  2. I felt good while I was being interviewed  by my classmate because I think that I did good when he asked me questions and I answered honestly and I felt pretty confident.
  3. I feel good about my responses I feel that they were good enough and I feel that I put them well into detail.
  4. Some advice that I would give some participating in the mock interview is that you should read over your responses so that you don’t mess up while trying to practice.
  5. I think this was a good class activity because this just gives us more practice to be able to walk into our real interview prepared.
  6. Something about myself that most people don’t know is that I’m very productive. What made me apply for this job is that I really love this place so I decided to apply.¬† I am a hard worker and very productive. If something is my passion I’m going to do it to my best ability. I love nursing so that’s why I applied for this job.

Job Shadowing Reflection

1)What I learned from my presentation is that you need a lot of money for college. College is very expensive but it’s for a good cause.

2) I think I did good on my presentation. I used my information until my full potential.

3) I could of tried to practice my presentation so that I could of had the words down. And I would of had transitions on my slides.

4) What I would of done differently is have more information. I would of had more pictures that I did.

5) I wish I would have put more information on my slides.¬† If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t look at the board as much as I did. Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I will use on the information and things that I have learned from doing this presentation and put it all into my next presentation.